How much is your tribute?

Sessioning is currently two hundred and fifty dollars per hour, this includes my fee and the cost of providing an equipped playspace.

For those interested in an initial meeting outside of the established playspace to ensure chemistry, or wanting to extend the session outside the dungeon for a night out in the French Quarter, tribute is as follows:

Coffee/Discussion: $50 per hour

Evening Drinks/Dinner: $100 per hour

You are responsible for all expenses, I will be happy to chat with you, make sure we have a connection, and show you a little of the French Quarter. We can get the first meeting jitters over with and then get on with the naughty stuff once we have established the trust essential to our continuing relationship.

I look forward to hearing from all you darling submissives, especially how much you like to prove your devotion. I hope you can be of service. I’ve outlined my preferred method of introduction below, please follow these instructions when contacting me via email:
After the greeting of your choice, here is your chance to convince me I would like to take an interest in your training. The most important thing to remember while drafting this proposal is that you are addressing a lady who you have not met, and to show respect accordingly. My suggestion would be to include a short description of your age, health, and interests. What do you think your experience level is? Is there something you know you love? Something you’ve always wanted to try? A reason you think we’d make good playmates? Great, put those things in the email. A bullet list is appropriate, a 3 page detailed description of your fantasy is not welcome at this point. Never send naked pictures. It is not acceptable to send cock pictures to a woman with a letter of introduction. Close your email with any questions you might have regarding availability, location, and requests for any information you feel is not clearly explained on my website.
If you are not an experienced player, that’s fine. Everyone has to start learning somewhere. PLEASE educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions about your safety, and activities you may enjoy.
If you present yourself as a sincere submissive, an intriguing masochist, or whatever your choice of kinky explorer is, then all sorts of possibilities present themselves. Send an introduction that highlights your potential to be Mistress’s favorite pet!

My preferred contact is via email at