One of the amazing benefits of being The New Orleans Dominatrix is that most people that travel frequently (or infrequently really) will eventually find their way to me. This city is sexy, decadent, and 24 hours: it draws the adventurous, and spits out the weak.


Not everyone can come to me though, and there are plenty of people that could use a beautiful woman to keep an eye on them. So, if you can’t see me in person as often as you’d like, this is the place for you. Just like New Orleans, I draw both the adventurous and the weak. I have succeeded here, and you get the pleasure of tributing in exchange for my attention, and learning from my success.

What kind of training? I think you know what you need to work on. You are overweight, poorly dressed, you crave humiliation. You promised yourself you were going to write a novel, do better in school, excel in work. Have you done that? No.
So now I’m going to make you. Technology makes it so I can keep track of you, and I won’t be tricked. I am brilliant, and I will help you stop being a failure. You tribute to me: you will get to stay in my good graces and continue to receive my attention. Don’t complete your assignments; and you will get fined. The incentive of a sexy woman controlling your moves is what you need to succeed.
You need to get healthier. Through apps and websites, I will track your food and activity. If you aren’t doing your workouts, you will get fined. I will message you, get on your ass to make your goals, or you will be punished. If I think you are slacking, I’ll watch you work out via webcam, and that could get very humiliating for you.
You need to get smarter. I’ve graduated from a prestigious University, won a local award for my work in theater, I’m working on my Master’s degree, and I can help you. You will send me your course syllabi: I will make sure you complete assignments. You may join the Mistress Book Club. Every month can be National Novel Writing Month here, and you are accountable.
Maybe you just need to be humiliated constantly and pay for the privilege. You want to remain disgusting and worthless? That’s how you’ll be treated. You can upgrade my lifestyle while I control yours. I will control your finances like they are my own, and in return I will make you amuse me in any way I see fit.
Tools of the Trade

Social Media has made it that I can watch you all the time, any time. We will make new private accounts or use your existing ones. With a swipe of my smart phone I can check on you from the gym, shopping, laying in bed. I can see if you checked in at the gym, logged your calories, went for a run. I could prompt you to prove you are wearing a chastity device at my whim, or send you on a mission to complete for my amusement. If you aren’t on task, you will be punished.

In exchange for a weekly tribute, you will have the excitement and trepidation of knowing I’m watching. Through cam sessions, emails, and texts I will control you into meeting your goals. Or just shame you until you do. Either way, I’m having fun.


Below is an application for distance training. All information is strictly confidential, unless you consent otherwise of course. For motivation. If you want me to take it seriously, fill out as much as possible. I also suggest you make a small tribute to prove your sincerity. A gift card or something off my wishlist is appropriate.