Summer 2017 is on Fire!

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So I had a situation where my site went down.  I’m sure we’ve all been there, right?  You lose a lot of your work and the world is over!

I’m pretty chill. I lost a few years of blog posts but no big deal. I’m back and my site is restored. I hope everyone coming to the site knows that it is active and I’m still here as New Orleans’ premiere Dominatrix, I hope you continue to follow my Twitter, Instagram, and site to catch me this summer. New Orleans gets very steamy in the summer, and I’m excited to play!

Spring travel plans!

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Happy New Year to everyone, I hope the holidays have left you with enough energy to make 2015 your year for adventure!

My resolution is to see more slaves in more cities this year, so this spring I am starting out in Houston. I’ll be visiting from February 5th through the 9th.  If you are interested in extending our session into an evening out or shopping (and I hope you do), you can find the details here.

Late February I’ll be headed to Los Angeles to visit all my favorite Mistresses and clients that I miss so much since I moved away, so stay tuned for the exact dates.

March I’m looking forward to the Washington DC area, so drop me a note let me know where the best place to play is!

I’ve put some travel related things on my Amazon wish list, so spoil me!

Rockland 3 Piece Upright Set, Magenta Leopard, One Size

Distance training

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I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my dominatrix life coach program, so I thought I’d give it its own department right over here:

I tailor programs for the individual, and I’ve had a lot of success with my ‘projects’ so far. I also have a lot of fun at their expense, figuratively and literally.

If you can’t get down to see me as often as you’d like, or maybe you just need a beautiful woman to keep an eye on you, you can read all about it there!

The first date syndrome.

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I get contacted by a lot of submissive clients who are very new to the scene, and I think I’m an excellent person to introduce you to it if you are. I am very respectful of limits, spend time before starting a session discussing both our expectations of what will transpire, and also invite my client to ask me any question they wish to before we start the session.

I hear a lot about ‘first time jitters’ and the like. This is totally normal. My answer to this is: It is completely normal to be nervous when meeting a Professional Dominatrix for the first time. It is a lot like a first date. If you weren’t nervous, I’d think there was something wrong. It is totally normal to be nervous the first time you meet anyone you anticipate spending time alone with, let alone giving up a lot of your personal power to within the first hour of getting together.

With that in mind, I am establishing additional rates for vanilla meetings, or for extended sessions outside of the play space. They are as follows:

Coffee/Discussion: $50 per hour

Evening Drinks/Dinner: $100 per hour

You are responsible for all expenses, I will be happy to chat with you, make sure we have a connection, and show you a little of the French Quarter. We can get the first date over with and then get on with the naughty stuff once we have established the trust essential to our continuing relationship.

Mistress Justine Cross visiting September 12-15

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For those of you who have been looking forward to seeing me with another Mistress, September is your next opportunity. The beautiful Mistress Justine Cross will be visiting September 12-15, and we have 7 years of experience tormenting men together.


If you think you can stand the humiliation of our combined forces, contact me quickly. Our time together books up fast! Additionally, we can always use a slave to entertain us at our favorite restaurants and cocktail joints…are you up for the honor?


Red Dress Run : AKA Undercover cross dresser day.

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Every year, the French Quarter is blessed by an event called ‘”The Red Dress Run.”

What is this supposed to be? The actual santioned evenet involves a run for charity, which costs anywhere from $45 ton $80 depending on diligence in signing up.

This is an actual charity run, which benifits a few which follow:

Organization                                  Project

Akula                                         Grief services
AMI Kids                                    Computers for at risk kids
Angel’s Place                              Caregiver/sibling residence
Animal Rescue                            Pet retention/medical needs
ARC                                           Beads recycling
Armstrong Park                           Beautification
Bike Easy                                   Bike light bike right program
CADA                                         Pay educator
Chartwell Center                          Autism center wants to redesign website
Community Center St. Bernard     Annual Thanksgiving food/toys
Dancing for Dystrophy                 Help families with children with neuromuscular disease
Dawn Busters 2                          Reading Program
Each One Save One                    Mentor training
Friends of Jeff Animal Shelter      New cages for meow town
Friends of Palmer Park                New trash cans
Friends of St. Alphonsus              4 concert series
Girls First                                    Monthly activities
Greater NOLA Youth Orchestras   Instructor fees
Greater Treme                             Repair/replace damages to admin. Building
La. Society Cruelty Animals         50 cat perches for shelter
Lake Pontchartrain Basin             Indoor/outdoor sound system for light house
Lakeview Shepherd                     Arts/supplies/textiles/wellness instructors
Lantern Light                              Buying supplies and lunch program
Lighthouse for the Blind               Smart board
Lower Nine                                 Housing/feeding of a long term volunteer
Luke’s House                              Prescription assistance/medical supplies/overhead costs
Lycee Francais                           Oven
Magnolia School                         Handicap assessible ramps
Make a Wish TX/Gulf Coast/LA    Grant wish of Orleans children
Midcity Youth Volleyball               Sand volleyball courts
Miracle League of NOLA              Children with disabilities purchase new sports equipment
New Heights Therapy Center        Scholarship for disability kids/adults to ride free
NO AHH                                     Assist 3 homeowners
NOLA Fruit Tree Project               Plant trees
NOLA Green Roots                      Fresh food delivery program
Ozanam Inn                                General operating support for services
PAWS                                        Help local shelters
Pelican Bomb                             The drop – local artist
Project Lazarus                           Provide food for HIV/Aids
Project Spay/Neuter                    Surgical fees
Riverdale Middle School               Special events
S.T.A.I.R.                                    General operating expenses
Save Our Cemetary                      Cemetary field trip tours
Second Harvest                           Food distribution program fuel cost
Special Olympics                        Olympic Town USA
St. Joseph Hospice                      Provide needs to patients
Threadhead                                  Free music clinic
Tulane Drop in Center                    Computers/printers
WRBH Radio                                Fix damage to studio
YLC                                             Bike racks

Soooo. Since I live in the Quarter, I get to observe the amazing amount of people who don’t register for the run (i.e. pay for the event.) Instead, everybody and their buddy slaps on a tutu and drinks until they drop. You can tell who participated because they have an actual number pinned to them. The rest? Well, lets see:


Essentially, this is a chance for all closeted cross dressers to make it happen. No one can judge them, all photos of them in lady outfits are totally legit. I just find this one day to be the most hilarious example the cross dressing men of NOLA letting that freak fly. I just hope you have those frilly panties on underneath!

August Contest – From the Mistress’ bookshelf

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I have this book. I can’t keep it to myself any longer. It is called Modern Techniques of Torture, and it is entirely in Japanese.

To preface this post: I speak Japanese. Or, more accurately, I used to speak close to fluent Japanese. Someone along the line bought me this book, in Japan. Hilariously, years before I ever started doing domination professionally. So with my 4 years of high school Japanese, and 2 years of college Japanese, I can vaguely pick out what is happening in this book. But you can have no Japanese and easily understand what is happening in this book.  I’ve looked for it online, and can’t find it.  I wish I could send you an Amazon link, but Mistress Google is not providing today.

So here is the contest: I will be Tweeting and putting up Instagram photos of illustrations from this bizarre book. Your job? Caption them. It’s pretty easy to see what’s happening in most of them, but the blank eyed stare of the illustrations are both hilarious and disturbing. Best caption of the month of August wins a special package from me. What’s in the package? Funny and sexy stuff, determined by the winner. Customized by me. Lets have some fun!

So participate by following me on twitter @Mistress_Erin, and let the captioning begin.