Why is Mistress Erin the one for you?

It may seem sometimes like an overwhelming task to determine the mistress who is right for you. There are so many pretty faces and fascinating styles to choose from. It is a daunting and important exploration.  Here are a just a few reasons you may find yourself desiring to build a relationship with me:

I started exploring BDSM professionally in 2006. I trained in some of the most infamous and upscale BDSM clubs on the West Coast, including The Dominion, L.A.’s longest running establishment that is female run and operated. I’ve met, trained, and played with some of the most internationally known and respected Mistresses, and it has left me with an amazing wealth of information, style, and most importantly: safety.  I personally started working as a submissive and apprentice to some very special and talented women, which I credit with helping me develop such a unique approach and personality. I found the experience to be very useful in both the psychological and physical realms.

To put it bluntly: I don’t perform any activities on my clients that I have not personally experienced. I am quite skilled at dishing out the most brutal corporal punishment without leaving a single lasting mark, and I will do it with glee. We will discuss your limits and your fantasies, and I won’t feel a single pang of sympathy while bringing you to the place of submission you crave. I’ve taken it, so I know you can. But it will take a long time until I’m satisfied.

I also provide domestic training, chastity training, fetish and wardrobe requests, the usual long list of delightful perversions, and my specialty: Sadistic Southern Belle life coaching.

Another area of pride is my extensive knowledge of anatomy, equipment, and cultivating a trusting and pristine environment. Your job is to find the special way that you can please me, make me laugh, let go of control and entrust yourself to me. In return, you can be assured that while the illusion and excitement of danger, and the taboo subjects we may explore are authentic, they are accomplished in an hygienic and discreet environment. This is for both of our safety.

My many years of profession experience, my wide spectrum of interests, and my dedication to providing a singularly intimate connection are some of the reasons I am the finest Dominatrix in the South. I am a unique, educated, and beautiful woman. I genuinely love to meet new people and explore what makes them tick. Let’s talk and find out how you may be of service, I can’t wait to hear from you.